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It may not be a long story, but it's our story.


"The Perfect Blend of Friendship & Fermentation.

In East Brookfield, MA, a group of forty-something year old friends embarked on a flavorful journey that soon fermented into something more than just a hobby. What started as a shared curiosity in mead-making has blossomed over the past couple of years into a collection of meads, ciders, and other concoctions. Our creations, mostly born from nights drinking too much whiskey, have delighted the palates of our families and friends. With a motto that now reads, "The Perfect Blend of Friendship and Fermentation," we've set our sights on the future, dreaming of the day we can turn our passion into a business and share our creations with everyone. For now, our focus remains on building our fan base, socializing, perfecting our recipes, and, most importantly, sharing our love for fermentation and creation with those closest to us. Join us on this journey of taste, tradition, and togetherness.

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